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Process of Producing Motherboard

June 10 , 2022

Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog.

To make our customers aware of the high quality of our products, today I will show you the process of producing motherboards in our factory.

Our production line includes 12 main steps.

Step 1: Solder Paste.

After PCB board entered into the solder paste machine, the machine will automatically scrape paste where it needs to be soldered on motherboard PCB.

Step 2: Attach Small Components   

We will use CP machines to attach the capacitor, resistor,inductance and other small components on motherboard PCB.

Step 3: Attach Big Components

We will use DP machines to attach the IC, for example IO chip, NIC chip, Power management chip, BGA , some North-South bridge chip, crystal transistor and other big components on motherboard PCB.

Step 4:Reflow Soldering

Reflow soldering is divided into 10 temperature zones with different temperatures.By re-melting the paste solder and re-cooling, it can form and fix the solder joints between the solder ends/pins and the pads of the components.

Step 5:AOI Test

After soldering, these motherboard will enter the automatic optical inspection machine. By AOI inspecting, it will know if there is bad soldering on PCB or if component in slanted direction. It will be automatically marked. Then those defective PCB will be returned to repair. We really care about every detail of quality.

Step 6:DIP Production Line

we need insert connectors. This step is operated by the workers to complete the plug-in process. Workers insert various connectors into motherboard, like ram memory slot, PCI slot, AGP slot etc.

Step 7:QC for Appearance

After inserting Connectors, we will also have workers to check the motherboard appearance. This is the first QC by workers


Step 8:Wave Soldering

Wave soldering is to solder the components plug into the motherboard. Solder paste by electric shock on bottom. The purpose of Wave solder is similar to reflow soldering

Step 9:QC

After  Wave solder, it will have workers inspect again.  this is our second QC procedure

Step 10:QC for Function

This testing mainly divided into three parts. Voltage detection, IC Programming and function testing

Step 11:Cleaning and Packing

We will make sure every motherboard packaged tightly, beautiful.

Step 12: Warehouse

We will put the well-packed motherboard to warehouse ,waiting for shipping

The above is the process of producing a motherboard,it’s not very complicated,but our factory have three times of quality check during the whole process, making our motherboard are in good condition and with high quality.Thanks for reading.

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