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Joinwin have already expended a new production Line and run well in 2021

Jul 20, 2021

Joinwin have already expended a new production Line and run well in 2021

Marketing manager of Joinwin: We don’t intend to stop.

Joinwin factory have already purchased large production equipment and built a new production line in November 2020. Factory has started commissioning, and running in 2021, it will increase its annual memory capacity of around 1.8 million.

New SMT production line was put into production successfully this year, it was well-staffed to improve the management and operation of the production line equipment parameters. Expected production volume this year will increase at least by 30%. By the end of June, Joinwin factory have already completed its half-yearly planning. According to the latest report, brief production status as follows: Average DRAM production line is holding at around 150k modules a month, so far there are 4 SMT production lines working together, the monthly output amounts will be at least to 600k, annual output to 7.2 million.

Joinwin are using now the most advanced equipment for production, for example SMT line are equipped from brand YAMAHA. Every process is well controlled and to make sure each DRAM module is well assembled. Building a memory is not a very easy process, they are going through Tin paste soldering, AOI testing, SMT assembled, Reflow soldering, X-ray inspection, Man testing, On-board testing, QC, QA testing, Packing...every process are insured that each products are a perfect unit to customer.

Joinwin grown every year since entering the production line and they dont intend to stop. They believes that the best quality and their excellent sales services will lead them win more reputation amount the world.

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