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What is the right size of memory chip to build a computer or upgrade its hardware?

Mar 26, 2021

The function of computer memory chip:
Computer memory chips are mainly in the service of the CPU in the computer, the second is to provide the necessary for all the application load space, the CPU is the computer operation and control core, when the CPU to handle any data provide temporary storage support cannot leave the memory chips, said memory bank is CPU "assistant" is more appropriate, performance more good CPU is more dependent on memory chips. Applications are more inseparable from memory, each application must rely on memory to provide temporary load of virtual memory, in theory: memory temporary storage capacity is greater, the computer integrated speed performance is more ideal.

How should computer memory stick choose after all?
Memory selection is based on CPU performance, and each configured computer has peak memory usage. When a set of configured computer RAM memory usage peak is 16GB, even if the computer installed 32GB memory also has no meaning, in this case will appear the phenomenon of excess memory capacity, the choice of memory need to consider the comprehensive performance of the computer, in addition, the choice of memory also need to refer to the use of computer demand, Web pages open and game type requirements are quite occupy memory.

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