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RAM Compatibility: Important Things You Should Know

August 08 , 2022

How Much RAM Is Supported By My Motherboard?

How much RAM your motherboard can support depends on the capabilities of the motherboard in question.


Different PC from different manufacturers have specs of the maximum amount of RAM supported by the specific PC type and into how many slots the RAM can go into. To find out how much RAM is specifically supported by your PC motherboard:



Check with your manufacturers website


Google the full PC name and check the mentioned spec for the maximum RAM it can support


Try using the Memory Compatibility Tool to check for RAM motherboard compatibility or Use a third-party software like CPU-Z or HWinfo to check for compatibility





Is RAM Compatible With Any Motherboard?

How to check my motherboard RAM compatibility e.g. Asus motherboard RAM compatibility? For example, lets assume your PC supports memory modules for up to 8GB RAM and you try to use a 12GB RAM. The system may not be able to properly read the installed RAM. Meaning, your motherboard or processor wont support the faster memory speed that is supposed to be provided by the bigger RAM.


When this happens, the modules are clocked at the highest speed the motherboard can accommodate. For example, a motherboard and CPU that supports memory up to 2133 MHz can use 2400 MHz RAM but only run it up to 2133 MHz.


Does RAM Speed Have To Match Motherboard?

Yes, it does and no it doesnt have to match the motherboard. But to be on the safer side of things, both the RAM speed and the specific motherboard specs should match for optimum PC performance.




4 Best RAM You Should Try

There are tons of different RAMs out there for you to try. Here are 5 best RAM choices to try based on your needs:


1. Best DDR3 RAM


2. Best DDR3 Laptop RAM


3. Best DDR4 RAM


4. Best DDR4 Laptop RAM


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