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  • A New Heights Of Joinwin
    August 09, 2021 A New Heights Of Joinwin
    JOINWIN Computer make great efforts,so that our shop on Alibaba has been promoted to a three-starts supplier.Thanks for all the support from customers,and we will keep passion to provide better product and service. Since 2004, we have been adhering to three principles. 1,Provide the high and stable quality,as the quality is our life. 2,Keep the well service in and after sell,and we try to meet customer’s needs. 3,Fast reply in communication,and active action of the order arrangement. With the expectation of full star supplier,we are here to sincerely look for an opportunity to establish business relationships with you,to achieve an all-win result. 
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  • Joinwin have already expended a new production Line and run well in 2021
    July 20, 2021 Joinwin have already expended a new production Line and run well in 2021
    Joinwin have already expended a new production Line and run well in 2021 Marketing manager of Joinwin: We don’t intend to stop. Joinwin factory have already purchased large production equipment and built a new production line in November 2020. Factory has started commissioning, and running in 2021, it will increase its annual memory capacity of around 1.8 million. New SMT production line was put into production successfully this year, it was well-staffed to improve the management and operation of the production line equipment parameters. Expected production volume this year will increase at least by 30%. By the end of June, Joinwin factory have already completed its half-yearly planning. According to the latest report, brief production status as follows: Average DRAM production line is holding at around 150k modules a month, so far there are 4 SMT production lines working together, the monthly output amounts will be at least to 600k, annual output to 7.2 million. Joinwin are using now the most advanced equipment for production, for example SMT line are equipped from brand YAMAHA. Every process is well controlled and to make sure each DRAM module is well assembled. Building a memory is not a very easy process, they are going through Tin paste soldering, AOI testing, SMT assembled, Reflow soldering, X-ray inspection, Man testing, On-board testing, QC, QA testing, Packing...every process are insured that each products are a perfect unit to customer. Joinwin grown every year since entering the production line and they don’t intend to stop. They believes that the best quality and their excellent sales services will lead them win more reputation amount the world.
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  • The Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show
    March 26, 2021 The Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show
    The Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show. As a high-quality exhibitor at Global Sources Expo,  we will display a large number of memory products, including DDR2 DDR3 DDR4 series of hot products, 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB capacity of each model are exhibited. At the same time, we will also display some of the new memory products and server memory hot products. Recommended models of several types of memory are DDR3 4GB 1333MHZ/1600MHZ RAM; DDR3 8GB 1333MHZ/1600MHZ; DDR4 4GB 2133MHZ/2400MHZ; DDR4 8GB 2133MHZ/2400MHZ. The recommended models for notebook memory are: DDR3 4GB/8GB LAPTOP RAM, DDR4 4GB/8GB/16GB LAPTOP RAM. In addition to the desktop and laptop ram memory, we will also present a variety of models of SATA3 SSD hard disk products. The main products include 2.5inch SATA3 60GB/120GB/240GB/480GB SSD products, and 2280 M.2 PCI-e SSD 64GB/128GB/256GB. , 2242 M.2 PCI-e SSD 64GB/128GB, at the same time, will also display a large number of M-sata SSD products, including 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB and so on. At the same time, we will also exhibit some of the hot-selling motherboard models, mainly DDR3 motherboards, DDR2 motherboards, DDR4 motherboards, and mining motherboards and server motherboards. For example: H61 LGA1155 DDR3 MOTHERBOARD, H81 Mining motherboard, H110 bit Currency encryption currency mining board, x79 server board, X58 server board, etc... Finally, I wish the joinwin team wins and the success of the exhibition!
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  • What is the right size of memory chip to build a computer or upgrade its hardware?
    March 26, 2021 What is the right size of memory chip to build a computer or upgrade its hardware?
    The function of computer memory chip: Computer memory chips are mainly in the service of the CPU in the computer, the second is to provide the necessary for all the application load space, the CPU is the computer operation and control core, when the CPU to handle any data provide temporary storage support cannot leave the memory chips, said memory bank is CPU "assistant" is more appropriate, performance more good CPU is more dependent on memory chips. Applications are more inseparable from memory, each application must rely on memory to provide temporary load of virtual memory, in theory: memory temporary storage capacity is greater, the computer integrated speed performance is more ideal. How should computer memory stick choose after all? Memory selection is based on CPU performance, and each configured computer has peak memory usage. When a set of configured computer RAM memory usage peak is 16GB, even if the computer installed 32GB memory also has no meaning, in this case will appear the phenomenon of excess memory capacity, the choice of memory need to consider the comprehensive performance of the computer, in addition, the choice of memory also need to refer to the use of computer demand, Web pages open and game type requirements are quite occupy memory.
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