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  • Improvement on H61 Motherboard Sep 28 , 2022
    Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. Coming with a great news of the Motherboard,that we can provide the M.2 interface in H61 Motherboard. One day,a customer came up with an idea,could we add M.2 interface in H61 Motherboard ? After receiving this idea,we convey it to panel design team,then make samples according to the design drawings of the motherboard, passed with many sample tests, we be...
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  • Ram Memory FAQ --Joinwin Sep 08 , 2022
    Hello, friends. Welcome to Joinwin Blog. This is Winnie. Do you remember we have shared the motherboard FAQ last time? A lot of customers said these FAQ really help to know Joinwin products more. So, today we would like to show you some FAQ about our ram memory. As you know, Joinwin have manufactured ram since 1997. We have rich experience in ram production. Our ram memory factory is located ...
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  • RAM Compatibility: Important Things You Should Know Aug 08 , 2022
    How Much RAM Is Supported By My Motherboard? How much RAM your motherboard can support depends on the capabilities of the motherboard in question.   Different PC from different manufacturers have specs of the maximum amount of RAM supported by the specific PC type and into how many slots the RAM can go into. To find out how much RAM is specifically supported by your PC motherboard:   &nb...
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  • Big Leap Forward Of Ram Memory Jun 24 , 2022
    Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. Share with you an exciting news today.   Our factory has announced that we can produce 32GB in DDR4 3200MHZ(PC4-25600 288PIN 1.2V) for desktop and laptop,and the specification of chips is 2048M*8/16C. This is not only a big leap forward in RAM memory capacity, but also gives us more confidence to expand further and make greater progress.   We only us...
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  • Process of Producing Motherboard Jun 10 , 2022
    Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. To make our customers aware of the high quality of our products, today I will show you the process of producing motherboards in our factory. Our production line includes 12 main steps. Step 1: Solder Paste. After PCB board entered into the solder paste machine, the machine will automatically scrape paste where it needs to be soldered on motherboard PCB. S...
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  • Motherboard FAQ --Joinwin May 16 , 2022
    Hello, friends. Welcome to Joinwin Blog. This is Winnie. Today I would like to discuss about some FAQ about motherboard. Joinwin deeply believe that our good service and experience will completely meet your need. But still some friends will worry about some questions before placing order with us. Hope through these, we can trust each other further. 1. What is your RMA rate...
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  • Gradually stabilized supply -DDR4 - fastest and most efficient memory! Apr 19 , 2022
    While DDR3 currently occupies the largest market share, DDR4 the latest generation of DDR RAM Memory has increased in potential as the fastest and most efficient memory yet. JOINWIN offers DDR4 Memory in different speed. DDR4 introduces with the speed / frequency of 2133MHz, 2400MHz, 2666MHz even 3000MHz and 3200MHz available for all your customer’s need, they are mostly compatible for D...
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  • Team Fights In March And April Mar 02 , 2022
    Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. Let’s talk about the Competition today. At the end of February we had a team declaration of“Battle of performance”. Our company is divided into two teams to conduct PK for the performance of March and April. From the purpose of this activity is to promote the achievement of 2022 performancegoal.  To be neither humble nor arrogant, to strive forward, ...
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  • How to OEM SSD? Feb 22 , 2022
    Hello, friends. Welcome to Joinwin Blog. This is Winnie again. I think through before blogs, you already know a lot about Joinwin ram memory and motheboards. Today we gonna to introduce our another hot selling product Solid State Drive. As we know SSD is one of the most important storage device for a computer. So a good quality SSD will be necessary. There are al...
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