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  • Annual Company Trip in 2022 Jan 20 , 2022
    Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. Today I will show you our annual company trip in 7th to 8th ,January in 2022. To celebrate the coming 2022 and to summarize what we have done in 2021,our company organized a two-day company trip at the beginning of this year in a villa of  DaPeng District in Shenzhen City,which is a place near the sea.       We set off on the afte...
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  • How to OEM Motherboard ? Dec 20 , 2021
    How to OEM Motherboard ?   Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. By the name of Joinwin,we wish you and your family Merry Christmas AND Happy NEW Year 2022.It was our honour to service you before,full hope you was satisfied with our services,quality and prices.Will share with you customization process of OEM the bios on motherboard.   1,Firstly,you need to send me the picture of the bios...
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  • How to install M.2 SSD Solid State Drive on personal computer motherboard? Dec 13 , 2021
    1. Firstly, please turn off the computer and unplug the power cord. 2. Find out the M.2 SSD slot on the motherboard (Since the design of each motherboard is different, please refer to the user manual of the motherboard for the specific location.) 3. Insert M.2 SSD Due to the difference design of the motherboard, please remove the heat-sink or screws on the motherboard before installing the M....
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  • Sharing Joinwin Motherboard Manufacture Information. Nov 24 , 2021
    Hello, friends. Welcome to Joinwin Blog. Today we would like to talk about another product motherboard. This is also a popular product from Joinwin. Our motherboard factory is located in Longhua district, Shenzhen. The motherboard PCB is all solid state. It means it will work more stable. Besides, our chip set only use original Intel. This is the most important and expensive part of...
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  • Process of Producing Ram Memory Oct 28 , 2021
    Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. To make our customers aware of the high quality of our products, today I will show you the process of producing ram memory module in our factory. Our production line includes 5 main steps.The first step is SolderPaste, we put the prepared ram pcb board  on this machine,The machine will automatically scrape paste on where the chip needs to be sol...
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  • OEM YOUR BRAND Oct 11 , 2021
    Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. Here to share with you a story about the OEM service. RMEM COMPUTER OUTLET is a Philippines company. We start the connection with RMEM COMPUTER OUTLET at the GS Fair in April 2018. In November of the same year, they proposed to customize their own label with brand logo. Combined the size of computers RAM memory module products and brand sty...
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  • How to produce a Ram Memory? Sep 28 , 2021
    How to produce a Ram Memory? Today we will take you to learn that how a Memory be produced. There are mainly three parts, in following we will separate this process into 12 steps for your easy understand! 1. Preparing: Joinwincomputer factory workers will prepare Ram PCB and IC (solder bump already attached on IC), these PCB and IC are quality and well tested. (we are mainly using m...
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  • New Trend of Doing Business:Live Streaming Sep 03 , 2021
    Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog. Today, let’s talk about the new trend of doing foreign trade ---live streaming. Because of Covid-19,many fairs have been forbidden in Chna for the last 2 years. During this time, we don’t have any chance to meet our customers face to face.But with the development of e-commerce,here comes out a new industry for doing business---Live Streaming. The above picture...
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  • How Joinwin test ram memory? Testing equipment lists sharing! Aug 27 , 2021
    Hello, friends. Welcome to Joinwin Blog. Today we would like to talk about a hot FAQ from our customers. As you known, Joinwin provide life time warranty about ram memory. We are very confident about our ram quality. We always said we use original 3RD chips. Quality is one thing we never compromise. So, many friends will ask us, how do you guarantee that? How do you test the ram? Do not worry. In ...
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