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Process of Producing Ram Memory

October 28 , 2021

Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog.

To make our customers aware of the high quality of our products, today I will show you the process of producing ram memory module in our factory.

Our production line includes 5 main steps.The first step is SolderPaste, we put the prepared ram pcb board  on this machine,The machine will automatically scrape paste on where the chip needs to be soldered. Picture as follow.

Then we goes to the second step:SMT:Surface Mount Technology. That is waht we called SMT. This machine will attach components, such as original DRAM chips and SPD chips, to the PCB surface. These procedures will all completed by this high-speed SMT machine. And by the way,we use Yamaha brand SMT machine, which is of high speed and high functions

After SMT, the chip components that have been attached to the PCB are still not completely fixed. Therefore,we come to the third step:Reflow soldering. it is necessary to enter the reflow soldering equipment for soldering and fixing again. Then it become almost forming. The soldered ram memory will continue to undergo X-ray inspection to check whether the solder ball of memory chip is soldered properly.and the following is our soldering machine:

After the whole manufacture procedure, comes to the 4th step:our QC workers will inspect the appearance of entire memory PCB board carefully. If there is any appearance defect on the ram memory, they will be picked out

In the last step,we will enter the information into SPD for each corresponding memory. This "identity information" including brand and specification. For example, capacity, voltageand speed etc. Meanwhile, Workers will insert each memory module on the motherboard and test with professional software. Most of these testing motherboards are ASUS and Gigabyte brand. Like this one, ASUS Z270, and that one ASUS Z77. One display can correspond to 6-8 pieces of desktop computer motherboards running tests at the same time. And at last,workers will inspect the ram appearance again. They will also clean the whole ram memory . Before delivery, we will do the final sampling testing to confirm no defectives. If all ok, the ram memory will be well packaged, then we will deliver to our customers.

The above is the process of producing a ram memory,it’s not very complicated,but our factory have three times of quality check during the whole process, making your rams are in good condition and with high quality. our website:https://www.joinwincomputer.com/.

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