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November 24 , 2021

Hello, friends.

Welcome to Joinwin Blog. Today we would like to talk about another product motherboard. This is also a popular product from Joinwin.

Our motherboard factory is located in Longhua district, Shenzhen. The motherboard PCB is all solid state. It means it will work more stable. Besides, our chip set only use original Intel. This is the most important and expensive part of whole motherboard. Good PCB and high quality chip are the basic of whole motherboard. Secondly, most of our CPU socket covers are from Foxconn. You can see this Foxconn logo. Because in our experience, customers like Foxconn quality a lot. Although Foxconn covers actually expensive a little, we will also choose them.

In the production, we will have three times QC. If you buy our motherboard, you can see QC label on the back side of PCB. According to that QC label, if have defective parts, we will easily to know which worker was responsible of it. From this, we hope to do better service in after sale. After motherboard packaged into carton, before delivery, we will do the final sampling test before delivery. We will take 20% each carton, it means at least 3 pcs motherboard to do test again. If passed this final test, we will also stamp QA on motherboard and carton. Proof that them have passed a random inspection. We strictly execute every step according to the qualified standards.

Industrial System Motherboards

You are welcome to visit our factory to see the real production line. Quality is one thing we never compromise. We are not a company who only focus on profit,our belief is to help our customers to grow, and help the society to make progress. Any inquiry or question, also feel free to contact us. Our website: https://www.joinwincomputer.com/

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