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How to produce a Ram Memory?

September 28 , 2021

How to produce a Ram Memory?

Today we will take you to learn that how a Memory be produced. There are mainly three parts, in following we will separate this process into 12 steps for your easy understand!

1. Preparing:

Joinwincomputer factory workers will prepare Ram PCB and IC (solder bump already attached on IC), these PCB and IC are quality and well tested. (we are mainly using major chips from Samsung/ Hynix/ SkHynix/ Micron/ Nanya) All IC will be separated and sorted in different plate according to their band and model.

RAM Memory Modules

2. Tin paste soldering:

This is the first step of Ram production, workers using a pneumatic dispensing device, apply the solder paste to the PCB board. The role of solder paste is to prepares the chips for the next SMT step on the PCB board. The solder paste machine will automatically scrape the solder paste where the chip needs to be welded.

3. AOI testing:

After paste soldering, PCB board will pass through precision AOI equipment (Automatic optical inspection), the equipment will judge whether the solder paste on the PCB board is complete or the thickness is uniform.

4. SMT

The qualified PCB will continue to the next process, Surface Mounted Technology, that we called SMT. Components such as DRAM chips and SPD chips are attached to the surface of PCB, which are completed by high-speed SMT machine.

5. Reflow soldering:

This is the process of putting surface mount components into solder paste to achieve permanent connection through various stages, including preheating, stabilization / drying, reflux peak and cooling.

6. X-ray inspection:

The welded memory modules will continue to undergo X-ray detection to judge whether the solder ball of the memory chips are welded normally.

7. Appearance Detection:

After the memory modules come out, the appearance of the whole memory PCB needs to be carefully inspected manually. If there is any defective memory board, it will be picked out.

8. Cutting process:

The memory board with no problem in appearance inspection will be sent to the automatic board cutting machine and divided into a single independent memory module like we usually see.

9. Data input:

After the memory module is divided into independent memory module, we need to input "identity information" to the corresponding memory module, that is, the corresponding parameters, input various information of the memory module, such as capacity, voltage, frequency, speed, etc., into the SPD chip of the memory module.

10. Manually on-board testing

Each memory module will be 100% function tested after production. Our workshop worker will plug each memory module into the corresponding completed motherboard and test it with software. Most of them use motherboard from ASUS and Gigabyte, such as ASUS z270 and z77. A display screen can correspond to 6-8 motherboards and run the test at the same time.

11. QA and QC

Now all memory modules will turn to quality assessment and quality management, they will also be being spot checked, unqualified or non-compliant memory will be sent for rework.

12. Packing

Finally, all completed computer memory modules can be shipped after manual appearance inspection again, then being wiping, packaging and sampling inspection.

That’s all a completed memory module production process, Ibelieve you must have a deeper learning. Welcome you to come and visit our factory one day, we are willing to take you here and have an all-round visit! If you have any further questions  now, welcome to contact our online service!

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