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New Trend of Doing Business:Live Streaming

September 03 , 2021
Dear Friends,welcome to Joinwin Blog.
Today, let’s talk about the new trend of doing foreign trade ---live streaming.

Because of Covid-19,many fairs have been forbidden in Chna for the last 2 years. During this time, we don’t have any chance to meet our customers face to face.But with the development of e-commerce,here comes out a new industry for doing business---Live Streaming.

The above pictures may show you the live streaming we have done before.In the last 2 years, we have presented 4 live shows online.on which we present our main products: SSD Internal Solid State Drives, RAM Memory Modules, and computer motherboard, as well as our ram and motherboard factories. More specifically,we showed how to produce a pieces of ram and motherboard on the live streaming. I believe our watcher are fully aware of how our factory runs after watching our live streaming,which is our main purpose to do a live show.
According to the live streaming,we also get the chance to talk with our customer,because we have the special time to answer customers’ questions. In the meantime,with this live show,it’s  guaranteed that we do have enough power to finish your orders in the delivery time with high quality.Anything you want to know about our factory or products,  you will find the answers in our live streaming.So if there is a live streaming in the future, we will note your the date and time,don’t miss it! Get more computer memory modules from https://www.joinwincomputer.com/
Thanks for reading.And wish you a nice day!

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